Coding For Product

Summer 2017 coding workshop presented by Philosophie and Women Who Code.

Philosophie will be holding a series of five workshops where we guide small teams of intermediate-beginner female coders to create a web application about public transit. The workshops are aimed at self-driven learners who have have basic programming knowledge, and want to gain experience in a collaborative development environment.

The workshops will be held June/July on Sundays from 1pm to 5 pm at Philosophie's Santa Monica office.

More Details

Unlike other coding programs that just focus on coding, we will cover product, design, and development. Each week will start with 4 hours of lectures at Philosophie. During the rest of the week, the teams will implement some of the ideas from lectures into their project. Each person is expected to spend 12 hours a week working on the project. (4 hours of lectures , 8 hours of self-guided learning + programming with team members).

For weeks 2-4, teams will do a short demo of their project to show what they have accomplished during the past week. In week 5, the teams will do a full presentation of their app.



The workshops have free-unless-you-flee pricing model. Each participant pays $100 refundable fee. You will get your money back if you finish all the workshops. If you drop out, the fee will be donated to Women Who Code.

Rough Curriculm Outline